Project Management

Ingram & Associates will identify all of the key players to be involved in the project, including all Local, County, State, and/or Federal agencies involved, including review during the Feasibility Study Phase. Develop a detailed task list and corresponding schedule for accomplishing the Scope of Services for the Feasibility Study Phase. Conduct a Pre-project Analysis Meeting with all parties and all team members to establish:

  • Agreement on the task list
  • Agreement on the project schedule
  • Mutually acceptable goals for the project
  • List all known constraints to the project

Schedule and conduct periodic review meetings to discuss schedule and costs with the team members.


Design Phase

Costs analysis, design process management, schedule control, document review, phasing plan development, and permitting strategies.

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Construction Phase

Construction process management, schedule and cost control, submittal procedures, and coordination of inspections. The final product!

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