Project Management

Providing comprehensive planning, coordination, and oversight of complex construction projects from start to finish.

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Design Phase

Costs analysis, design process management, schedule control, document review, phasing plan development, and permitting strategies.

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Construction Phase

Construction process management, schedule and cost control, submittal procedures, and coordination of inspections. The final product!

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Why Ingram & Associates?


Construction is hard.

Challenges present themselves on a constant basis. Schedules can slip, costs can spiral, and mistakes can be made. Sometimes, not everyone on the team wants to play nice. And it’s only Monday.

At Ingram & Associates, our goal is always to smooth the path to success, while managing the stages of planning, design, and construction with a cool sense of calm and order. We don’t see roadblocks, we see situations that need to be dealt with in a thoughtful manner by experienced team members. There are no issues that cannot be resolved, and there are no “impossible” situations. Only solutions that move us all forward.

We are dedicated to partnering with everyone involved in every project, approaching the process as just that; a process. From the start of project planning through the grand opening party and beyond, our aim is to “make it happen.” All the time, every time.